Saturday, February 27, 2016

Body. Mind. Soul

I admit, I am a Kardashian fan. Sorry world, I just LOVE watching them on TV. 

One person I really admire is Khloe! I really think she is very real, relatable, and down to earth. Since it was so sunny and nice this weekend, I decided to lay by the pool and read her new book, Strong Looks Better Naked.

It is VERY inspiring! I really am enjoying it and can relate to the freedom that she has found in exercise! 

She describes the process as not only changing her body but her mind and soul. I agree! Not only have been physically stronger but also mentally! 

I have gained confidence and determination and this crazy ability to work harder and push myself further than I ever thought I could handle!

I have dreams and goals! I battled weight issues, battled eating disorders, battled low self esteem! These 30 minutes a day have made me realize that I am beautiful, strong, smart, and amazing! 

My dream is to push myself to the best physical and mental shape I can be in and to share my story so others can do the same :) 

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