Monday, February 8, 2016


I am Strong
I am Smart 
I am Awesome
Today I am the best me I can be

This is how I start my class off every morning. Every class period starts off with this saying. It's all about positive thinking! All about starting off the on the right foot! All about believing in yourself.

I want my students to know these things. I want them to believe these things about themselves. I can only believe so much for them. I can tell them daily that they are smart, amazing, strong, awesome, but until they start believing it, it means nothing. 

Confidence. A concept I think many people lack. How many times do we point out the negative things about ourselves? 

I can do it! I can tell you every part of my body I hate. I can tell you my personality quirks I wish I could change. I can tell you how I wish I made more money, lived in a larger apartment, drove a nicer car. 

Why is it so hard to focus on the best parts of us? How about how I have a great sense of humor? Or that I HAVE a job!? Or that I love my hair and my eyes! How I actually like my big booty lol and how I think I am making progress on my stomach! 

What if we looked in the mirror and we saw the good? 

Tell me some ways you are SMART, STRONG, AWESOME, and AMAZING!! Focus on the positives! Be confident! 

1 comment:

  1. I love that you encourage your students to say positive things! Middle schoolers need confidence and support and to feel like their teacher cares. Awesome.

    I love to compliment others, but I'm my own worst critic. I need to be nicer to myself. And probably my husband! ;-) I think I'm pretty funny too. And I like my eyes! There, did it!