Thursday, March 9, 2017

Egg Cups

You may have seen these all over the place! I will agree with everyone that says this is the BEST breakfast food!

I love how easy it is to make AND how easy it is to grab and GO! 

I usually make a dozen of these up Sunday night and grab 2 each day during the week for breakfast! 

The main mistake people make is NOT eating breakfast! I know that applies to a lot of people! Besides literally LOVING breakfast (no joke I could it for breakfast, lunch, dinner the rest of my life!) its also SUPER important! 

It literally breaks ones fast! So in order to get your metabolism going (ya know, the thing that burns calories!) you need to start it up! Hence, breakfast! 

If you skip it, you slow down your metabolism and the calories you eat later on have a better chance of storing as fat rather than burning! 

So if your busy, which duh, everyone is! Try this out one week! 

10 Eggs Scrambled 
1 Red Pepper chopped
1/2 onion chopped
1 cup Spinach chopped 
Garlic Powder

1. Preheat oven to 350
2.  Scramble 10 eggs together and add garlic powder
3. Chop up ANY veggies you like! I usually do onion, red pepper, and spinach, but you can use whatever ya have/want :) Mix in chopped veggies with eggs 
4. Spray muffin pan and pour in egg mixture to about 3/4 full in each muffin cup
5. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until center of the muffin is done (test by placing a toothpick in the middle and making sure no liquid comes out with it)
6. Let them cool on a cooling rack or on parchment paper
7. Eat and store the rest for the week! 

*Feel free to add cheese into egg mixture if you would like (I don't eat dairy so I usually keep mine dairy free


  1. Egg cups are so smart!!! I usually make myself oatmeal every morning and when Kyle is in rotation I make him breakfast burritos.I freeze them and he heats up every morning, it has been a life saver.

    1. Such a great idea!!! Craig loves those! I am going to do that for him!

  2. I always say I need to try and make these. Do you think they would be okay in the freezer if I made a large batch to store?

  3. So simple and seems so healthy, definitely bookmarking these. thanks for sharing