Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Shakeology Ingredients: Konjac

So if you don't know by now, I am a HUGE Shakeology fan! There are so many great health benefits to it!

One of the TOP ones for me was being able to get off my blood pressure medicine! I had been on it since age 21 due to genetics! This nutrients and natural ingredients in this drink as supplemented the chemicals I had to take daily, and that my friends is a huge WIN! 

It also keeps everything moving, if you know what I mean! 

However, I always get asked TWO major questions:
What's in it?
How much? 

So I want to make a series of blog post breaking it down for you! Lets talk about exactly what is in it! And I will SHOW you how great of deal this drink truly is!


Where does it come from?
Found mostly in China. Can be found in either a flour or jelly form. 

How it works:
Used for weight loss and/or dietary fiber. Konjac is the BEST source of fiber for your body, it contains over 40% soluble fiber. Konjac is also a natural source to make you feel full due to its ability to absorb water and expand through the digestive tract. 

Health Benefits:
Constipation due to its high fiber, Hyper/Hypoglycemia due to its ability to absorb water and slow down the digestive process which allows for the carbohydrates to be better digested and stability blood sugar, Diabetes due to its ability to regulate blood sugar, high cholesterol due to the ability to move bile acids out of the body through the digestive system, and high blood pressure. 

$3-$20 for 100 capsules and $18 for a 500 gram bag

This ingredient, which can be very costly if purchasing on its own, can be found right in shakeology! Which can individual packet cost under $5 plus has 69 other nutrients!!! 

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  1. I've never tried Shakeology but I have a lot of friends that love it. Maybe one of these days I will give it a shot.