Monday, August 21, 2017

Wine & Games

This weekend was a joy! From naps to friends and food and fun! Haha but for real it was a much needed weekend full of balance! 

Friday night we ended up across the street at the neighbors sipping wine until midnight! I can't remember the last time I've been up that late! 

Saturday was a struggle to wake up but once I peeled myself out of bed coffee and donuts were a must! So I headed to my favorite little cafe for some donuts and a latte ❤️

We spent our Saturday learning allll about the great organizations on post and the groups I plan on joining! 

But my favorite part of this weekend was game time with C! I went to the store and picked up some board games for a date night in! First off, what the heck happened to most normal Game of Life or Sorry!? Anyone else have the new version!? 

They added some new rules and things to it! It's still super fun but it took us forever to understand the new rules! Haha 

Sunday was church, delicious BBQ, and food prep for my new workout program I started! Due to injury I couldn't finish my second round of the shift shop :( But is started a weight lifting one and I LOVE it! Day 7 is going down today! And my Stronger for September group is underway!! 

Interested in hearing what the heck an accountability group is!? Just let me know! 

Hope you all have a GREAT Monday! 

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