Friday, August 11, 2017

It's the FREAKING WEEKEND...bout to have me some fun!

Anyone else remember that song!? No, just me?? Lol why is that my title today...IDK! But I do know it has been a LONG and BUSY week! It has sure flown by though! So what the heck happened this week!? Honestly I can't quite remember haha but I do know it was a good one! Here is my 5 Favorites on Friday

1. Finished the Shift Shop 
This workout is one for the books! I really LOVED it and for me, the best part is that it is 21 days! I get bored so easily so this was perfect! From the 7 different workouts and only 21 days long it kept me engaged and going! I loved it :) 

2. Spouse Support 
This week was busy for C as he kicks off work! Wednesday we went to a work event for him! It was so nice meeting other military spouses and putting some names to faces! I love that we both support each other in all we do :) 

3. Signed up for a 5K
I decided to do two rounds of the shift shop! So to celebrate my completion at the end of the month I have signed up for a 5K with one of my blogging friends and neighbors! It will be the first race I have done in 3 years since my half marathon! I am so excited! 

4. Mexican Food 
I did SO good not cheating during the shift shop (I had one slip up with a donut) but other than that I said no to ALL wine during wine tasting, breads, drinks, cookies, everything! So Monday night C took me to a GREAT Mexican restaurant for delicious margaritas, chips and dips, and enchiladas...YUMM! 

5. Free Group
On Monday I am kicking off a FREE group called "Busy People, Easy Lunches!" 12 different easy lunch ideas to send to school with your kiddos or even to pack for yourself at work! Here is the link! Feel free to check it out (no strings attached!)

Click Here

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are hosting a BBQ tomorrow so I am busy today getting everything ready!

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  1. Have fun doing that 5k... that's always a fun race. Enough to get a good sweat in but not enough to keep you sore for days ;) haha

  2. Am I the only one who is happy that the guys will be back into a routine this week?! Haha!