Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quinoa...Who is she?

I try to eat healthy as much as i possibly can. For the most part, I do great because I have a gluten allergy. So when I am out and about I can't eat fast food, or deserts, or the delicious loaves of bread served at restaurants. My food allergy has been rather annoying at times, but a blessing in disguise when I am trying to cut back on carbs and sweets :)

One of the foods I miss the most is couscous. I LOVED it! But unfortunately it is not gluten free. So I was told to try Quinoa. For those of you who were like me when I first heard the word Quinoa and thought it was the name of a girl in the group Destiny's Child or S Club 7....its actually a grain (aka food). 

As I headed toward my new found home in the grocery store, the gluten free section, I searched long and hard for the new food that was suppose to replace my craving of the ever so delicious ball like grains of couscous. I couldn't find it anywhere!! (Reason being because it is in the aisle of rice). 

Once I found where this new grain was housed, I headed home to prepare it. After reading the box, following the directions, preparing the grain, I took my first bite....and was disappointed. It was nothing like couscous. I was so upset! It was warm, and grainy, and had absolutely no taste, at all. 

So long story short, I made my own recipe for Quinoa. I prepared a cold quinoa salad, and I do have to say, it is pretty yummy :)

1 cup of quinoa cooked(follow directions on the back of the box) After cooked, let the quinoa drain out in a strainer and sit for over an hour to "dry out." 
Getting rid of most the liquid will make a better salad, and allowing for it cool to room temperature helps too. 

Add the following:
1 small container of grape tomatoes sliced
1 Avocado
1 bundle of green onions (or half a red onion)
Feta cheese
Balsamic vinaigrette dressing (just a little for flavor not to soak it!) or Olive oil and balsamic. 

You basically can add whatever you want to it, but keep it refrigerated and eat when cold! It is delicious :)

Let me know how you like it! Or any other great quinoa recipes you may have! 

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