Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who is with me?

Alright fellow bloggers, I am in need of some help, encouragement and an online working buddy to get me through these next few months! I am starting the Insanity workout again on April 1st. This is the official announcement, which means I can't back out now...

Starting last August I got serious about working out and have lost about 20lbs since then. 15 of those pounds were lost during the Insanity workout. For those of you who have never done insanity, it is definitely the most intense workout I have EVER done in my entire life (counting basketball practices and track practices in high school). I have never felt so tired and sweaty after a workout, everrr. Well before summer starts, I want to give it one last shot to help shed a few more pounds that are having difficulty coming off from just running. 

Here is a before picture last year at my last sorority recruitment event! 

and heres and after insanity workout

So whose with me?? Anyone? Or if you are doing another work out, lets keep each other accountable by commenting below and updating each other with our success :) 

Now for my Wed. link up:

I can't believe its Wednesday, one more day till I am officially on spring break for a week! 

I can't believe I actually ran this morning, it took everything in me to get out of bed. 

I can't believe I am not in the shower yet, looks like I'm running a little late this morning.

I can't believe how awesome the 5th/6th grade talent show at my school last night was! I was so impressed by beat boxing, signing, dancing, playing instruments, and people doing back flips! I felt like I was watching America's got talent :) 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 


  1. Good luck with insanity! My friend was doing it but I don't think she actually followed everything like she should..she said it was intense! xo

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I will need the luck :)