Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sister, Sister

Good Morning all! On this Irish saturday morning I have decided to put the holiday on hold and buckle down on some school work! Also, I am not a huge Saint Patricks day lover for many reasons:
One, green is not my color. 
Two, I am not Irish. 
Three, I hate getting pinched for not wearing green.
Four, who wants to drink colored alcohol anyway? I just don't understand the point! But hey, that's just my opinion

So I decided to head to the local coffee shop to get some lesson plans and projects completed :)

I forgot to mention I had surprise last night! My sister goes to college at Indiana Wesleyan and surprised my whole family by coming home last night! I was so happy because I have not seen her since Christmas. She is one of my best friends and I am so lucky to have her as my sister :) 

So we decided to take the morning and head to the local coffee shop to "do homework" aka talk, talk, and more talking. We have spent the past two hours catching up, so obviously we have not been able to get much homework done. But who cares! It is so nice to have her to talk to and to catch up on each others lives, especially over a nice cup of coffee :)

These are the moments I cherish, the moments I get to spend with my family and hang out with my sister. It is hard not living together anymore, and I often find myself thinking about the days when we were younger and playing barbies or dress up. But the best thing about a sister is that the relationship never changes. Even though it has been a few months, I know that I will always have her to rely on. 

As my dad once said:  
friends come and go, but sisters are forever 

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  1. so glad you got to hang with your sister!! i have an older one i haven't seen since christmas too and i MISS her like crazy!!