Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break!

Dear Friday, I am very happy to see you!!! What a week! Dear Spring Break, You are finally here! I never thought I would see the day! What will I do with all of next week off? Dear Seth and May, A friend brought me to your concert last night, it was the most amazing thing ever!! I honestly have never heard such a beautiful voice before! I was blown away, here is a clip of my favorite song they sang last night (fast forward to 1:38, they talk a lot before). I also have to say, this was totally out of my comfort zone because I listen to a lot of main stream music, but I had so much fun! It is funny what happens when you branch out a little bit :)

Dear Macy, I am so excited to dog sit for you this weekend. You are the prettiest yellow lab ever :) Dear March Madness, There is no way I will win now, but thats okay because Michigan is still in play and I am in LOVE with Florida Golf Coast :) When I was 18 I went on a college visit there and decided that was where I wanted to go to school, but being the first child off to college, my parents had a hard time allowing me to move away from the mitten (ironic because two years later my two little sisters moved to Pennsylvania and Indiana for college, I guess thats just part of being the oldest though :) ) 

Have a Happy Friday and Great Weekend!! And GO BLUE!! 


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