Monday, April 15, 2013

Excuses Excuses

I have been slacking, and making every excuse in the book for the lack of working out I did this past week. I was busy, I had a wedding shower (which was so fun by the way!), it is my last week of student teaching, I have projects to finish, papers to write, and bad weather. I used every excuse from the book  this past weekend. 

It was no wonder I felt bloated and just blah all day today. I was not about to work out though! I even text my sister after teaching all day and told her I would not be home till 7 and not to wait to work out because I would be to tired after work. 

Luckily, I work with kids all day, and they never seize to amaze me. Three of my students in my after school program put everything in perspective for me. These three individuals are over weight but are extremely motivated to participate in a mile race our after school program is holding next month. Last week we started training for the mile race and these three worked their behinds off. They put in more work than all the other 30 kids who run for a living (aka who play soccer or basketball on a daily basis). Anyway, these three could barely finish a half mile last week! I was so proud of them for the effort they put in, but honestly I did not have the highest of hopes for them today. 

So as I gathered the group of 35 students together at the starting line, and blew my whistle to begin the race, I didn't pay much attention to these three who staggered behind at a slow and steady pace. Which was a bummer for me because these three blew me away! All three of them finished a full mile today! I could see the joy in their faces as they finished their last lap! One girl was almost in tears and she told me she could not wait to tell her mom what she just accomplished!

 It was such an amazing experience to watch three individuals who could barely do a half mile last week do a full mile only a week later. They were so thrilled they went around and told everyone of their accomplishments at dinner time!

These three made me realize that everyone deserves to be believed in. These three individuals worked harder than anyone else, and although they didn't get the fastest time, they accomplished so much more, they finished. This event means more to them than anyone and I can't wait to see what they do the next few weeks up to the race day.

Hey, if these kids can do it, so can you and I :) 

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