Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunny Days

Finally! The sun has decided to shine and the weather is above 55 degrees! I am currently blogging from my favorite summer spot, my deck! My family was able to set it up yesterday and we enjoyed a nicely grilled steak stuffed with goat cheese :) yummy! 

I also want to share a few blessings the past week! I was able to attend one of my best friends wedding showers :) A family/friends one thrown over the past weekend and a church one thrown during the week! It was so nice to celebrate the upcoming event and I can not wait for the wedding in less than two months! 
I also got to spend time with my greek family! We had a Sigma Kappa reunion this week and was able to spend time with both my littles and my big sis :) It is funny that no matter where life may take me, no matter how long we spend apart, we are able to pick up as if nothing has changed :) I am so blessed to have all of them in my life! 
Have a blessed weekend and take time to enjoy the people around you :) 

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