Friday, April 5, 2013


Happy Friday everyone!

Insanity results for the week (drum roll please):
After week one I have lost: 1 inch in my bust, 1/2 inch in my waist, and an 1 1/2 in my hips, and a 1 1/2 lbs! One week down, 8 more to go! 

Dear Friday, I am actually sad to see you. It means spring break is over and back to the grind come Monday :( It really hasn't been that much of break seeing as I have three HUGE projects due in two weeks, but its still better then sitting in lectures all week. 

Dear 6th grade students, Only 6 more days left with you!!! I am seriously so sad. Having the all boys class for most of the day (except when I get the all girls class for an hour, and the other mixed gender class for another hour of social studies) makes me realize how much I will miss your stinky sixth grade boy smell, your "funny" pranks, your great stories about your family, friends, and crazy things you did over the weekend, and all your great gifts and pictures you give me on a daily basis :( I seriously might cry when I leave, and I know you will all laugh at me :/ 

Dear Girls Night, I just have to give a shout out to my wonderful friends and family that I have. Tuesday night we had our great family friends over for a girls night with moms, sisters, and friends. It was so fun! Wednesday night I always hang out with one of my greatest friends, Erin, to drink wine, eat food, and catch up on Greys Anatomy, Scandal, and Nashville. I just have to say how much I appreciate your friendship :)  And shout out to your wedding day in less than 3 months!! 

Dear Spring, You are here!!!!!!!!! I literally could jump with excitement because I am assuming that this cold weather is gone for ever! (well until next November). I can't wait to wear shorts, short sleeve shirts, and run outside with out wearing winter gear that weighs 1000000 pounds. 

Dear my Sigma Kappa Littles, I can't believe your are going alumni this weekend! I feel like it was yesterday that I was hiding from you while you were hunting me down to claim me as your big (both of you, just a year apart). Time seriously flies by, but I just want you both to know that I am so proud of the young women you have become and I am so glad I got to share the experience of Sigma Kappa with you both by my side :) P.S. I will always be your big sis, its a lifelong commitment, so you can't get rid of me :) 


Have a great weekend all! 


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  1. Love your pics!!! You are adorable! Stopping by from the Friday Letters linkup. New GFC follower!