Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mint, who does not LOVE that color this spring? You can literally find it everywhere, and when the sun finally decides to shine around here, it will look great on my nicely tanned skin. 

However, the word mint now holds a whole new meaning in my life. I have downloaded the mint app, a financial help system on the iphone (possibly droid to?) that connects with your bank account, analyzes all the items you spend your money on, and sets a budget based upon what you make and what you spend. The best thing is that it is FREE! 

Maybe I am new to this and the mint app was popular like 8 months ago but I had to share it with you all!! Although it brought me to tears as I saw how much I spend on clothes and coffee and how over budget I am on those categories; it made me realize how much financial help I need! Granted I am still in college and do not make that much money, I can still be smarter with how I spend it. It is something I definitely struggle with and I really think this app will help me realize that I don't actually need that grande peppermint white mocha at Starbucks every single day :(

Wish me luck as I take on this new adventure with my mint app. I will definitely need it! 

P.S. Insanity update to come soon :) 

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