Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sun, Rain, Floods, Snow?

There are many perks to living in Michigan; the beautiful summers on the lake, gorgeous sand dunes, historic Mackinaw Island, and the magnificent fall leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. However, there is no way to prepare and dress yourself for Spring

Most would think of Spring as being warm and wet, a nice spring jacket paired with the ever so adorable rain boots. (Northface womens rain jacket and Green Evedon womens rain boots)

In Michigan this assumption does not apply. In the past two days, I have experienced 60 degree weather, tsunami rain storms, floods, and snow. Not only do I hate the weather, but I also don't know what to wear! My wardrobe is super confused at the moment. How does one dress for this?
Yes, that is a flooded house, from the river to the main street, with snow on the roof. ugh. 

Well, as I head out for my best friends wedding shower in a few hours, I will strap on my winter gear, put on my sunglasses, pull out my kayak, and paddle down the road to her house to celebrate the upcoming nuptials :) But at least I will try to look good doing it! 

P.s. I just want to give a shout out to my newest obsession. The Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook! I highly recommend to go get it! It is AMAZING! 

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