Friday, June 7, 2013

Im Back!

It has been such a strange week not blogging with the Everyday in May Challenge! 

Dear Friday, what a week! First week back to work full time, while taking two summer classes, and planning for summer school to start was BUSY! But I do enjoy being back in the swing of things :) Dear 5th and 6th Graders, Summer school starts next week! We have so many fun things planned for you! A trip to sand dunes, sky zone, ice skating! And thats only in the first three weeks! I can't wait to see you all again! Dear Weeds I had to Pull, I didn't enjoy you. I can't believe that I am 23 and had never pulled a weed before until yesterday when I helped clean the garden at school for the kids to use! My arms feel as if they will fall off my body at any moment..ouch! 
Picture of how high the weeds were! Not fun!

Dear Roommates Dog, Every time I spend the night out at my friends apartment I get excited to see you! You are the funniest, cutest, puppy ever! However, nothing tops off this face of yours, sound a sleep, and looking like this! 

Dear Readers, I have a somewhat controversial topic that I would love to hear your opinion on. THis week in class, we discussed the role of parents in their child's life. We discussed that children are at a disadvantage in society these days because both parents are more likely to be out of the home and no one is there to stay at home with them. Now, I understand the benefits of at least one parent, mom or dad, being at home with a child all day. But with today's society, I think it is more difficult to do so. My argument is that it is possible to have both parents working and raise a successful family if the parent chooses to leave work at work and come home to actually be with the family not on the computer, or watching tv, but quality time spent with the child. Another person in my class disagreed and said it is a detriment to society to have both parents work and that a family with a stay at home parent is at an advantage compared to the family where both parents are working. I would love to hear your thoughts!! 

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Have a Great Weekend! 



  1. Speaking of your topic, I saw something about it on the news the other day it was pretty interesting except I didn't do much research yet...hmm. The pup is cute and I miss you blogging everyday!!!!!!
    XOX your blogging bff :D

  2. It's a pretty loaded question and one where people will just have to agree to disagree. Otherwise groups would be pitted against each other. I'm a proponent for my wife staying at home, if fiscally possible, while I work. I am of the belief that mothers have more patience than dads with young children. This doesn't imply that a woman is in anyway inferior, unable to work and progress in a field, or that a dad can't stay at home. I love my son to death but I can honestly admit that my wife is better at handling things than me. I've talked with several friends who are dads and most agree. Additionally the reality of it is that no one in a child care setting or classroom environment will love and cherish your child as much as you. So a parent at home would be able to maximize on this and provide all the more love and involvement that the child may not get elsewhere or otherwise.

    Then there is an argument to be made at where we are as a society. Reverse the clock 50-60 years, put aside the taboo of women working during those generations, and look at the statistics. Currently the divorce rate is anywhere from 50-60% for first marriages and even higher for 2nd and 3rd unions. Children are now more likely to have a non-biological parent or a single parent than both biological. The culture is drowning in debt. The government is consumed with political correctness and entitlements. It's crazy! Our generation is called the "me" generation. It's all about me and my rights and what I want now.

    This wasn't the case in the past. People saved, grew freedom gardens, worked hard and raised up children with character and a backbone. We created industry as a nation and became the sole powerhouse economically and militarily in the world. Now we are bogged with junk and China and other nations are taking on the old American schematic and are surpassing us in many of these areas.

    Why do I bring all this up? Because it starts in the home. It begins with parenting, love and involvement. How you raise and equip your children will have a huge impact on how they will go into the future and make their mark. Might as well give them the best shot. They are your lineage, your legacy. It's common sense. Obviously something isn't working, just look at the news. This wasn't what we were as a nation 3 generations ago.

    So in conclusion, this isn't saying women have to be SAHM. That dads can't raise children as good as a mother or that both parents working can't successfully raise a healthy family. But I would say those are individual cases and as a whole don't apply to a culture.