Friday, July 19, 2013

Lets Reunite

Yayyy Friday!! I have been waiting for this one all week! 

Dear Friday, I have nothing planned for you today except a nice pool day with Erin (the newlywed)! 

Dear Sistaasss, ETA 3pm! I can not wait to see you! Two of my sorority sisters are visiting from out of town this weekend before one of them moves to Boston! I have lived with these ladies through out my college years and have been through the days of final exam study session, saturday morning breakfasts, and the dramatic ends of our relationships.  I can't wait to hit the town with these ladies! 


Dear personal goals, I am slacking a little. My goal to save my money this summer did not happen :( I am so bummed, but I did have a lot of expenses with weddings and what not (and since I am in college pinching dimes is a reality). However, I have set new goals! I graduate in December (finallllyyy!) and my goals are the following:
- substitute teach daily
- save money
- nanny over the summer
- teaching job by the 2014-2015 school year
- move out by December 2014 (major goal)

Dear running, you are becoming a chore in this heat. Although I have been on a steady incline and my furthest run has been 7 miles (woooo!), these past two weeks have been deadly. I decided I like running in the cold of winter than the hot of summer. This is not fun. Only 3 months away from race day though!! 

Dear August link up, I need to find you! I really have been slacking in the blogging world and I know this is just what I need to step up my game! Any good ideas? 
a little R. Kelly to start of the weekend! "It's the freaking weekend baby about to have me some fun!" 

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  1. LOL! Ignition is SUCH a classic - I love it! WELCOME BACK - glad to see you!