Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

When I say I did nothing this weekend, I mean I really did nothing. It was a weekend full of pure relaxation and the occasional workout.

Thursday night I did head to the beach with some friends where I got to experience the most beautiful engagement take place! Congrats to the lovely couple and thanks for the invite to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with cake :) 

Friday- My cousin is visiting from Oregon and I was able to meet her 1 year old princess for the first time! She is the most amazing little girl ever. Look at her, does she not look like a little baby doll!? I am in love and now I will have to save money to make a trip to Oregon to see this little peanut! 

Saturday- I went to the public library to only realize that I have read every Nicholas Sparks book written (or very close to) and I am winding down the number of Jodie Picoult books. So bloggers, what are some good reads? I have one month to do nothing but read and work out so any suggestions will be appreciated! After the library I went on a run through the state public trail that runs through my hometown. It is one of my favorite runs and I have found a hidden gem right off the trail that is my go to quiet place to just think :) 

Sunday- After church I plopped on the couch for a marathon of the one and time movies! I know, they are super cheesy but I love them! Besides the sub-par acting and the over dramatic story lines, I can't help but get hooked! I ended my weekend with a nice bike ride on the state trail with my sister. 

What did you do this weekend? 
Also, still looking for a good August link up, any suggestions!? 

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  1. i love lifetime movies except half the time they creep me out! lol!

  2. Seriously CUTEST little girl ever!! :)

  3. What a great weekend! The relaxing ones are the best! :)