Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I publicly declare that...

This post is strictly dedicated to the goals I am setting for myself this month! I need to publicly post this so I can have you all hold me accountable! 

Whats the point of publicly posting your goals?

1) It holds yourself more accountable! How embarrassing is it to post a goal and then not even try to achieve it? It is so much easier to set goals in our minds or even write them down and keep them to ourselves because when we don't reach them, or even try to reach them, the only person who knows is ourself. I don't know about you, but I am way more apt to let myself down than to let my 22 blogging buddies. It is easy to come up with excuses in our minds that we were super busy, or the weather wasn't right, or that it was not your fault because ______. Publicly declaring your goals holds your more accountable to reach them!

2) Other people can hold you accountable! Now, I would refrain from blowing up my email on a daily basis in order to ensure I am reaching my goals, but a little kick in the butt is all I need sometimes! When I publicly declare my goals I have other people keeping track of my success or failure. This makes me want to reach my goals because I am not only doing it for myself, but for others as well! 

3) Feedback! It is so awesome receiving feedback about goals you are trying to reach. Words of encouragement are the best  way to stay motivated to reach your goal. I love receiving comments via Facebook or blog world that encourage me to keep going or that compliment my success. Words are motivating and inspiring and if someone out there is noticing your accomplishments, it makes it that much easier to go out and reach them.

4) Be specific! Don't just tell me you want to loose weight or stop spending money. How much do you want to loose, or what are you trying to save? The mores specific the more tangible since you have an exact goal you are reaching. It leaves little room for excuses!  

So what are my goals this month?
1) STOP SPENDING! I have been reading some great blogs lately about saving money and budgeting. Particularly Erin's post about her and her husbands goal to become debt free. So what is my specific goal? This month I am not working so I have no income coming in. My goal is to only spend $100 on school supplies and gas. To be honest, I barely have $100 but this means No Clothes, no Starbucks (ahhh!), and no going out to eat or the bar! 

2) Loose 3 lbs. I know thats a weird number but I have really slacked on my marathon training in July. So I will publicly declare I will be doing 1 month of the insanity work out to get my booty back in shape for training! 

3) Lesson Plan: I need to get my lessons together for the upcoming school year! Although I made great progress yesterday, I need to make sure I am fully prepared to enter the building August 27th for Professional Development days. 

Although I do not have many goals this month, I will accomplish all of them! (At least I will try) Join me on the goal setting adventure! 

What are your goals for August? Grab a button and Link up! 

Erica Ashley

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  1. Such a great idea for a link up! Looking forward to participating every month! :)