Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Fun

How is it already Monday!? This weekend flew by! 

My best friend is finally back from her honeymoon! Thank god! 10 days was to long to be apart, but I am glad she had a ton of fun and got to spend 10 days away with her new hubby! 

Speaking of husbands, I had yet another bachelorette party to attend. When I told you all of my friends were getting married I was not kidding. Seriously, someone forgot to inform my prince charming that this was the summer of romance/weddings. He is a little late to the game. Just kidding! I am a few years younger than a lot of my friends so I have PLENTY of time :) 

The party was so much fun! I didn't really get any pics, but I did win this really cute shower set! They also had a really cool $10 gift exchange where I got lotion and an eye brow razor....which I accidentally shaved a little bit to much of my eyebrow off. Oooops! (inform prince charming this is not to the time to meet me!) Luckily I can fix it and make it not as noticeable! 

I am really hoping my eyebrow recovers quickly because two of my best friends/sorority sisters are coming into town this weekend and I can not wait!!! I have not seen them in a few months and I am sure I will have many pics to share with you next Monday! 

A quick running update. I am about 3 months away from race day and am really struggling to run 7 miles. I can get 5-6 no problem, but there is something about that 7th one that is killing me! I need a little bump to get me over the hump! I am feeling slightly discouraged but will try for it again this week. Wish me luck! 

So besides spending lots of time with my best friend catching up, attending party after party, and shaving my eyebrow off it was a very hysterical and fun weekend! 
its not this bad! but I still refuse to post a pic :) 

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  1. omg how did I not see this (sorry late night stalking) but how in the world did you manage to do that! Thats good that you can cover it up though! I looked at the picture of the guy and was confused until I read over the caption 40000 times and finally realized one eyebrow was missing oops!