Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm back!!

Sorry I have been MIA for the past two weeks! It has been a crazy past couple of weeks with working and wedding planning! Two of my best friends got married back to back and not only were they the most beautiful brides, but I am pretty exhausted from wedding planning! Good thing I don't have to worry about getting married anytime soon ;)

Since it would be near impossible to put everything in one post I am going to break the weddings up into two different ones.

Two weeks ago my best friend married the love of her life and I was lucky enough to be part of the big day! There may have been a little craziness to begin with, such as the parking lot we were suppose to park in no longer exist due to construction. Or the fact that there was an anime/comicon festival going on at the same time as her wedding right outside the chapel (which is funny to look back in laugh at now but we did not find it funny when we wanted to take all of our pictures outside!) Luckily that was all that went wrong and the day ended up being perfect! 

Me and the bride :) Isn't she gorgeous?! 

 On my way to rehearsal dinner! 

At rehearsal dinner! 

The beautiful chapel


the wonderful bride and groom! 

good friends :) 

The best part of this wedding is to see the example of true love. So many people get married these days thinking they are in love, or maybe they have ulterier motives. It is refreshing to see a couple so in love that they would do anything for each other. That is what these two share and I am so blessed to have that example in my life! Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs! 

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  1. HOLLA BACK. YOU ARE ALIVE IN THE BLOG WOOOOOORLD :) :) :) Should I stop jumping up and down like a little kid? Eh, probably. WELCOME BACK. I'm obsessed with your hair color/style in the picture going to rehearsal dinner and it looks really pretty with your bright blue shirt! You go girl! I feel like planning/helping in a wedding is so much fun, yet can be stressful, but sooooo worth it in the end because everyone is so happy! Welcome back! We missed ya!