Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Girl Trina

I am dedicating this post to my girl Trina. Of the many pics we took together this weekend, and the extremely hilarious ones I wish I could post on this bad boy but I know she would drive back here to kill me if I did, I have to dedicate this weekend to my best friend, roommate, bedmate, and all time favorite lover. Here is to you! 

This weekend marked my goodbye to a very outgoing and furry headed friend (see pictures below to understand this comment) as she embarks on her journey to Boston for grad school. Trina and I met in my sorority a few years ago. I knew we would be best friend from the moment she invited me to go to the Eminem concert in Detroit with two other girls. Trina didn't know me very well at the time, but she understand my love for rap and inner ghetto self enough to choose me to be the fourth member on this adventure to the D. Fast forward a year or so later where I found Trina moving into my four bedroom apartment (already fully occupied) and weeks later straight into my bed (seeing as there was no room for her to have a bed and sleeping on the couch for weeks was creating back issues). Trina and I soon became inseparable. We had the same class schedule, eating schedule, studying schedule, and since we slept in the same room and bed the exact same sleeping schedule. We also shared a LOVE of Friday Night lights. 

Which brings me to this weekend. Trina came into town Friday night to start off the weekend shenanigans. Our good friend and other sorority sister Kate (who just moved into one of the most fabulous condo right downtown Grand Rapids) allowed for me and Trina to stay with her for the weekend. Friday night rolled around and after hugs and catching up we met up with more sorority sisters and headed to the local comedy club!  

If you know anything about sororities, know that we love to get our pictures taken. Who is the random guy in the picture you might ask? We are not sure, but it did not stop us from taking the photo. Who took the picture? Well thats the funny thing. We walked to the very back of the room (most space and best lighting) and found a random man in a black T-shirt sitting against the wall. He looked like he had nothing better to be doing so we approached him and asked if he would take the picture. He politely did and asked us some questions. Come to find out that he was the main comedian act of the night, Michael Che (check him out on youtube, hilarious!). Unfortunately for us, we became one of the main jokes of the evening, specifically my girl Trina. After many jokes about sororities, large groups of girls, and many other hilarious things he talked about, we were able to thank him again for the group pic and get a pic with Trina and him. 
Saturday morning was filled with lounging and pool action. Kate's condo has a very luxurious pool area. Trina and I felt like we were at a resort! 

We titled this photo "Egyptian Princess" hence the pose and obvious photo op we could not pass up! As much as I would love to bore you with every detail of our pool adventure and hilarious encounters we had through out the day, I will spare you the five minutes of reading and just inform you we once again went out (Trina's last night in GR before Boston). 
not our best work

Since its Trina's weekend, we headed to our favorite hot spot in the city that we went to many of times in college. As we walked in we were reminded of the good ol days and reminisced on the many of nights spent in the local spot. Come to find out this spot was a lot trashier then we remembered. As much as we tried to fit in, tried to dance to the strangest music our ears had ever heard, and watched multiple people grope and grind on each other on the dance floor the realization of growing up sunk in...we had to go...we were to old for a place like this. 

How did our favorite spot end up to be like this? Was is always this trashy? Was the music really this bad and we just never knew? I am going to say no and that it has gotten trashier over the past year and half since our last attendance. Do people really grope and grind like this in public? Yes, and after trying to tear out my eyes by the awful things I was seeing, Trina, Kate, and I decided we needed to head out quick before we caught any type of disease! Luckily for us Kate is  GR socialite and knew exactly the perfect spot to end the night!  

As the night came to a close and we were scared mentally from the sight of the dancers, we headed back to Kate's for a late night snack and bed time. 

Recap this post:
- If you are reading this and you find yourself one of those people who grope and grind on the dance floor. Stop. Its not attractive, classy, and does not make any type of guy worth dating interested in you. I promise. 
- I miss college days
- Kate, I LOVE your home and you are probably the most hospitable person I know. Thanks for a great weekend! 
- Trina, I had the GREATEST weekend I have had in a long time. I am so excited for this great adventure in your life and I can not wait to come visit you in Boston! I could make this sappier but I won't :) 

If you read through all of this, thanks for caring about my girl Trina! She is the best :) 
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  1. Dang girl - Trina's got some hair! Jealous of all that volume! But love this post. I have a best friend just like this and I could so relate. Best girlfriends are such a rare find. Love your all's friendship :)

    and YES! Say no to gropers!!