Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hey There!

Hey Blog World! Its been a while! 

I really need to get in a blogging schedule! Any ideas of how to be consistent? I really want to go back to my routine of blogging M, W, F buttttt its been more difficult than I thought! 

I also am going through such a blogging slump! What will I write about? So today I am focusing on this sweet new little app on my completely updated ISO7 I phone! P.S. I LOVE the update!

Its called lose it, and it works!

This little guy is the picture of the app! It is basically a calorie counter and I am obsessed. I have tried to use other apps before and just found them difficult. After a week I would stop using them. 

A lot of the foods I was eating was not in the app so I would always have to figure out the amount of calories and serving size alone :(

This bad boy has it all! I could scan literally ANY bar code from anything I eat and its in there, every restaurant  every brand name anything! Its seriously so easy to use! And, you can keep record of exercising! I have been using it for 2 weeks now and have lost 2 pounds! 

Why am I writing this? Because I was always looking for something to keep my more accountable for what I was putting in my mouth and this app does that for me! Not only does it do it, but its so easy to use!

Happy weekend all! P.S. GO BLUE! 


  1. i used to use myfitnesspal and IT'S THE BEST! the database is HUGE and i never had to hunt around for the food i was eating :)

  2. I can totally relate, I don't have a blogging schedule either. Thats why I enjoy Single Girl Diaries. I at least know what I am writing about on Tuesdays.

  3. ahhh i am so going to download that app once i upload to IOS7.

    and i would say, don't put the pressure on yourself - if you don't feel like blogging, don't - your readers will still be there :)

    AND there's a thing going around called gives topics to write about every day. kinda fun!

    happy weekend!