Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Yay for weekends! I was ready for this one! 

Friday night I spent the night with a few girlfriends :) Painting nails, wine, and pitch perfect! I seriously love that movie!

Saturday, watched Michigan barely pull off another win...I can't handle them playing like this anymore! Thank goodness for a bye week because seriously, they need to step up their game! 

Sunday...I LOVE Sundays! 
I spent the morning in church and teaching Kindergarten Sunday School :) It puts a smile on my face every Sunday to hang out with these little ones! They are so adorable and say the cutest things! 

I also spent the day with my family in our local Art Prize competition! It was amazing to see some of the artwork! 

Beer City USA

Sista sista

Made of all ping pong balls! 

This is my favorite! Made of all bamboo dangling from string to form this beautiful piece! 

Each bowl is hand made to represent every day in Gods Kitchen where they have served meals 

How was your weekend!? Have a great week! 

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Can we talk about your scarf please?! I'm in love!

  2. Such a fun weekend. I volunteer at the middle school age at my church and they are sometimes the best part of the wknd!