Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thank god it's Friday

Oh hey blog world! Long time no see! I guess not really, but this week has been a whirl wind! 

Getting back into a schedule has been so nice but man am I SO TIRED! Waking up at 4:45 has caused me to be in bed no later than 9:30 every night, I have a huge work load with student teaching and college classes, I a starting and after school tutoring program at the school I am student teaching at up, after that leaving to go pick up the girl nanny from school and watch her till her mom comes home, trying to stay fit for my half marathon coming up in less than a month, studying for my teacher certification exam and teaching full time kindergarten and first grade sunday school....which all started this week! Ahhh! But I really do love it so much better this way!

But hey its Friday! And man this is the most excited I have been to see it in weeks! 

So what is there to talk about? hmmm how about how my entire fantasy football team is suspended or injured! (okay maybe not whole team, but this season is looking like a draggg) At least I can watch this man take the field Sunday, my go to guy! 

Also, Michigan has a HUGE game against Notre Dame! Big rivalry! GO BLUE! 

Last but not least, lets jam out and #backthatazzup

Wont Back Down by Eminem feat Pink on Grooveshark

Happy weekend all! 


  1. You are one busy lady that's fo' sho! But you can do it allll. YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN! ;) Enjoy your football filled weekend!!!

  2. 4:45? High five! Being a student (+Teacher for ya) is nothing fun when it's crushes sleeping routine. Got you from Sunshine & Sinatra ;D

  3. I student teach this upcoming spring semester..I am so excited but
    Oh and he is gorgeous!!!!!
    I just came across your blog!!
    I am now following!
    Can't wait to keep up!