Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wrecking Ball

I go to a division 2 school in Michigan, and not going to lie, we are pretty unknown, until this week...

If you haven't seen Miley's disturbing new wrecking ball video take a short viewing below. I am sorry, I don't see the point of making out with a sledge hammer or being naked on a wrecking ball, but hey, her prerogative. 

Back story here is that at GVSU we had a beautiful wrecking ball on campus as art decor.  This bad boy was an essential part of our campus. At night time freshman year we would all go out and ride it through the sand, push each other on it, or simply just watch it swing. Generations of GV students have loved it! 

Well Miley inspired this young man to do this:

Which resulted into this:

CNN, Good Morning America, Today Show, ENews, all of commented on our beautiful wrecking ball and have inspired a GVSU petition to bring us back the wonderful ball that we have all grown to LOVE! 

Although I am not Miley's biggest fan, I wan to thank her for inspiring my wonderful university and making us famous! 

Cheers Miley! And can I mention how hilarious it was to recieve an email informing students that for "safety reasons" the ball was taken down :(



  1. I'm definitely not a fan of the music video (ew!!!) but I have to admit I really love the song! It's got great lyrics, in my opinion! :)