Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Fun

I wish I had a really fun and interesting weekend recap, but all I did this weekend was work on homework and student teaching stuff. However, this ONE really good thing happened!


Apparently, Brian Kelly doesn't consider Michigan a rival, HAA I guess he really hasn't followed the history of his school and how far back the Notre Dame and UofM rivalry has gone! There is even a wikipedia page dedicated to the rivalry! But it was such a great game! GO BLUE! 

And yes, after they won they, they played the chicken dance song for Brian Kelly, hence he is being a chicken not wanting to play UofM anymore and end the rivalry! 

That is the height of my weekend :) 
Have a great week! And GO BLUE! 

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. LOL! That's pretty funny they played the chicken dance after the game! I Love a good rivarly, but I can't wait for the OSU/Michigan game!! ;)

  2. I was at the game! So.Much.Fun. I work at a salon and one of our regular clients who has season tickets couldn't go so she asked me to go! You better believe I chicken danced my butt off ;) so proud of our guys!

  3. I love how you know so much about football and are so into it. I am straight and I even think it's hot! xo