Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beauty, Bronze, and Brains

A little JT for everyone this morning :) 

Here is my Wednesday Link Up!

I can't believe how nice the weather is! I actually got a sunburn over the weekend :) Who would think I would be this excited about a cherry red nose and tomato red shoulders! 

I can't believe I finally got my student teaching placement! This fall I will be student teaching where I graduated from high school! Such a blessing and it is near my house so I don't have to drive all across the state of MI just to get my student teaching accomplished :) 

I can't believe I got a 4.0!! I have never gotten such good grades, ever! I guess when your lowest grade is a 96% you can call that a successful semester :) 

I can't believe I ran 5 miles last night! Not only did I run that far, but my split times on mile 2, 3, and 4,  was 7:35 minutes! Who would have thought I would get faster the further I ran :)

I can't believe all the great deals I got shopping at the outlets Sunday with my friends :) $25 new Nike running shoes, new JCrew phone case, super cute Banana Republic sweater for $7, plethora of scented greatness at Bath and Body, and some nice summer shorts from the Gap...I love shopping but I am definitely in need of a pay check :) 

Have a great day everyone! 


  1. Cute running shoes & awesome deal! You go girl! I was excited to have a little tan from the beautiful weather over the past weekend here in Florida. Visiting from the I can't believe link up. Have a wonderful day!

    ~ Osh
    SunKissed Peony

  2. "it's gonna be may" is a complete classic! So glad I found it on sometimes blog today! :) Coming from Robin's link up and a new follower! :)


  3. hahah i saw that JT meme on facebook last night and died laughed, especially when someone commented.."i dont get it".

  4. Haha, I love that JT meme! New follower from Robin's linkup!