Thursday, August 1, 2013

Monthly Goal Link Up

I have decided to post my very own link up! I am a little nervous about it seeing as its my first time and all, but super excited at the same time! 

So what is this link up about? Check out my post from yesterday titled I publicly Declare... about setting goals. 

Basically at the beginning of every month I want to announce my goals for the month via my blog and I hope that others will join me as well! This will allow for others to see what your goals are and keep you accountable through out the month! The goals can be anything and everything you want to work on for the month. At the end of the month you can post to tell us all how many of your goals you achieved and a little bit about your struggle/success as well as post your goals for the next month! 

What are the rules?
There really aren't any. 

1) Just write a post about your goals for the month (see my post about why it's important to publicly declare goals)
2) Grab a button!
3) Link up! I can not wait to read everyones goals! It inspires me and most of the time I want to add some of your goals to my list! 

Good luck with your goals and click here to link up and grab a button! Can't wait to hear what your goals are!  
Erica Ashley

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  1. Oh how fun! Need to put my post together and link-up! I think the biggest help with goals is writing it down, it makes you feel more accountable when there is a list!
    Just found your blog and can't wait to read more!