Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 on Tuesday

I love this link up! How fun! Here are 10 ways to compliment/send some positive vibes to yourself! 

1) "I am awesome!!" Yes, yes I am! And so are you! Tell yourself that daily! You are awesome! Think about everything you do daily! Stop comparing it to what others do and think about your accomplishments! You are pretty awesome! 

2) "I look HOTT" You sure do! Although its nice to hear from others why not tell it yourself! You are your worst critic, so think of a compliment coming from yourself! You do LOOK amazing! Make up or no make up! 

3) "Today I will have a good day!" Some days I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed! As a teacher I even make my kids repeat this to me some days! Then when things get a little crazy I remind them, "Hey! You said we were going to have a good day!" There was one day where I really was feeling the chaos of 8th grade hormonal rage and craziness! I dont know if they all decided they wanted to go crazy that day but basically nothing was going right. So during my conference period I decided, okay I am starting my day over!! I went and grabbed a starbucks like I would in the morning, walked back in, even my co-worker told me good morning at 2pm hahaha! But it worked! I started over! I DECIDED to have a good day! 

4) "I can do this!" Whatever it may be! A workout, a meeting, a kids bedtime routine! You can do it!! Whats the worst that will happen!? 

5) "I am blessed!" Its easy to get caught up in the wrongs, the negativity, the obstacles. Take a look around! Look at the blessings! Look at everything that has gone right! Sure, I am a teacher and a fitness coach, I dont make the big bucks but I have a job, a home, a car, and a great guy that loves me! I am BLESSED! 

6) "I will start TODAY!" Stop waiting till tomorrow! Start now!! Whether its a fitness routine, a house project, job applications! STOP WISHING AND START DOING! 

7) "I am smart" Sure I may not have the best grades, all the degrees, the largest book smart! However I am SMART!! Intelligence is not measured by degrees! 

8) "I am hilarious" Laugh!! Laugh at yourself, laugh at life! The good, the bad! Life is pretty hilarious! 

9) "I am the best version of myself" If your not, how will you fix it! Why not fix it!? Why settle!? 

10) "I am no better than you" TRUTH! You are no better than anyone else and they are not better than you! Don't let someone try to tell you, you are less than them but dont make someone feel less than you! 

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  1. Great post, lady! We all need compliments in our lives.