Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fun in the Sun

I LOVE the sunshine! I mean I guess I've never met anyone that hates it haha but I love days at the beach, by the pool, and just relaxing!

So many of my friends have the ability to work from home through beachbody! It's one of my goals someday :) to be able to raise my kids and still help people reach their goals! I just love running my challenge groups! I love seeing people transform mentally and also physically! 

Do I eat healthy 100% of the time!? Nope! It's not a diet! I want to help people figure out how to eat their favorite things, like donuts, and still reach their goals! 

I look at this process of fitness and health like teaching. It's all about educating yourself and accountability. That's what I LOVE about these accountability groups! 

This week is giving me a little taste of building my business! I can't wait! 

What are your dreams!? 

Linking up with Living In Yellow for the 3 things Thursday! My favorite three things above 1) Sunshine 2) Donuts 3)Working out


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your week off and yes sun is always a good thing! xo, Biana

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