Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Food

I HATE counting calories. I literally hate it! For 2 reasons:

1) I just forget to do it
2) After I log it I get super pissed that I ate what I ate. 

It literally makes me angry! Haha it does nothing to me except make me feel outraged, overweight, and unhappy. 

So when I first did the 21 day fix I was hesitant about the nutrition plan until I did more research. 

What I found out was that I am not counting actually calories but containers. 

Each color container represents a different food group. I have an app called 21 Day Fix tracker that tells me exactly how much of each food counts a container! NO MORE COUNTING CALORIES! 

I just count the colors and it is SUPER easy! It doesn't make me feel like I am stuck in a crash diet! 

What has worked well for you!? 

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