Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fish Taco Salad

Like I said on Monday I LOVE meal prep! I love cooking, baking, and being in the Kitchen! I try to make as much of my food from scratch as I can! 

Luckily I had some time this weekend and made some delicious quinoa blueberry bars, fish taco salad, and black bean burgers! 

This is my fridge stocked and ready for the week! 

Meal prep is so important because nutrition is 80% of living a healthy lifestyle! During the week I am so busy that it becomes easy for me to just go get takeout! With meal prep, my meals are ready and easy to cook! The prep is done! 

Here is my fish taco salad! Super easy and really tastey! 

No carbs, no cheese, and pineapple salsa as a dressing :) 

Spring mix
Black beans 
Black olives 
Trader joes pineapple salsa 

3 tbs chili powder 
Dash red pepper flakes 
Dash salt
Dash ginger powder 

-Rub the tilapia and coat on both sides. Grill or bake! 

-Mix the veggies and salad together

-Top with sliced fish and pineapple salsa 


Who says clean eating can't be tasty eating!?

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  1. I dont know why I've never through to make this since we love tilapia and tacos lol!! Thanks for sharing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston