Friday, March 4, 2016

Starting is the Hardest Part

Where do I start!? 

Thats often the BIGGEST question! Starting is the HARDEST part! Seriously, once you get going it becomes a lifestyle. I have been eating clean and working out regularly for 6 months now. Its just part of my lifestyle, its what I do. 

But if you are trying to figure out where to begin, then here are some helpful tips! 

Getting Started Right!
1.       Set realistic goals for yourself-weekly, monthly and yearly.

Sorry, you are not going to lose 25 pounds in 25 days. We live in an instant gratification society, and that is just NOT realistic! Keep it real! It is healthy to lose up to 2lbs a week, and 2 lbs being the MAX!! So losing up to 8lbs a month is okay, but anything more---chances are it will come back on! 

2.      Train all of your major muscle groups, arms shoulders, chest, back, legs and abs.

Don't just focus on your abs, or just your arms. When you work multiple muscle groups together you burn more calories and become more defined! 

3.      Challenge yourself-vary your routine every few weeks.

YES! Do not stick to th same thing every day! Thats why I LOVE beachbody! The workouts are constantly changing! 

4.      Keep cardio fun-try new activities

Dance, run, swim, bike, walk, clean...whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it...or at least can LEARN to enjoy it! I hate swimming, I'm not good at it and I just don't like it! Haha I feel like I am ALWAYS drowning! So for me, thats not a fun cardio and something I avoid if I can :) 

5.      Stay focused-put your mind into your muscle.
Like I said, starting is the hardest part! YOU GOT THIS!! 

I have 3 spots left in my challenge groups starting soon!! JOIN US! We are going to ROCK IT! 

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