Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter weekend

Off to Chicago to spend a weekend with C and his family! 

Have I ever told you how awesome C is!? Well he is basically the greatest! He flew me with him to see his family so I didn't have to spend Easter alone! Seriously ladies, you missed out! 

I don't know how you travel but I'm the girl that likes to get to the airport with time to spare! My biggest fear is I'll be stuck in security while my plane takes off! 

C likes to cut it close! I was in a shear panick mode when it was 7:30 and the line for security was a mile long and we had 20min to departure! Luckily we made it through, but I had no coffee, no breakfast, and was feeling HANGRY! 

Thank goodness for my spare shakeology packet in my purse! A $1 water bottle and my $4 packet and bam! Energy and breakfast! 

Anyway we had such a great trip to Chi-town! Spent the weekend just outside the city with his family. Neither one of us brough jackets, haha we were use to the 90 degree weather! 

Plus check out these cute bunny napkins we made for Easter breakfast! 

Despite the fact we almost froze I had a great weekend away from the H town and spending time with family! 

Time to buckle down and get back to my routine! My next challenge group starts in 2 weeks! 

How many of you are looking for a jump start to your summer body or really just are in need of a lifestyle change!? 

Well it's time to Stop Wishing and Start Doing! Who is with me!? 


  1. I'm totally the same way - need to have plenty of time at the airport! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I hate cutting it close for the airport. My husband flies by the seat of his pants with timing, but I'd rather be there and wait then be worried.

  3. I definitely prefer getting to the airport early. What's so bad about waiting for 20 minutes for your flight?! My hubby much prefers getting there at the last minue and it always stresses me out ahah.