Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mental Transformation


As many of you know, or you might not know, I am a beachbody coach! I absolutely LOVE their programs and swear by their shakeology! You can read about it in my about me tab :) 

I have seen some amazing results from these programs physically, but I have also seen some growth mentally. 

I share my physical transformation but rarely do I talk about how I have grown mentally. 

I struggled with weight and eating my entire life. I have always been curvy and larger than the other girls. This really took a toll on me in high school. I still remember by senior year stepping on the scale and being about 15lbs heavier than all my friends. I was SOOO embarrassed! 

I decided right then that I would COMMIT to being skinny! The commitment started off with working out daily and eating healthy but soon turned into an obsessive calorie counting lifestyle. 

I was so obsessed with counting canaries I quickly turned to unhealthy ways to get skinny. I figured well if only eat 500 clasped a day I'll lose weight. So I ate half a piece of toast for breakfast, 8 pretzels and some turkey lunch meat for lunch, and if I went over my limit at dinner I would make sure I would "get rid of it" you get the idea. 

What I didn't realize is that I was killing myself. I was destroying my body. To this day my metabolism is all sorts of weird! My body lived in starvation mode for so long and loves to store food for the "just in case" situations. 

It finally got to the point where I was cramping so bad that I was falling over. I went to the ER and was told I had lost 45 pounds in 6 to 7 months. IT WAS DISGUSTING! I looked sick, I felt sick!
I was weak. I was frail. I was finally skinny but at the price of complete misery and health factors. 

I realized that I was killing my body. I was destroying myself. I needed a change! 

Which is what I will talk about in Part Two :) 

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