Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Things I can't Live With Out

Here is a random post for you all today! 10 Things I can't live without! 

1. Hair product
One lucky man has no idea whats about to hit him when he gets to wake up to my pretty face everyday. And by pretty face I mean rats nest of hair. Those of you who can jump out of the shower and let your hair air dry, I hate you. My hair is confused on whether it wants to be straight or curly, so instead it just frizzes into a lions main. Thank you hair product for allowing me to look like a civilized human and not like I just walked out of a cave. 

2. Bacon
Why I went 2.5 years being a vegetarian is beyond me because I seriously love bacon. In fact I like all types of meat. Burgers, steak, pork chops. I love it all and I can't live with out it. For all you vegetarians on there if you want to sneak a piece of salty delicious goodness I won't tell and it is well worth it. 

3. Bravo TV

I think my life is consumed by this channel. Especially since I have the whole month of August off of work and school. I literally sit around and watching an un-humane number of episodes of Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing, Interior Therapy, Princess of Long Island, you get the point. 

4. Working out
I know lame right! Or some of you probably stopped reading because that is the worst answer ever. But I can't live with out it. It is the only way I can let out my frustration! 

5. Okay not only way because my next thing I can't live without is wine. Wine is a great way to let out your frustration, emotions, etc, etc, etc. My favorite wine is Moscato! YUMMM! I also enjoy the variety of wine glass options. There are classy wine glasses, fun wine glasses, the wine glasses you buy when you turn 21, bachelorette party wine glasses, so many different ones! And I love to drink out of all of them :)

6. Football
Who doesn't love watching men in tight pants on a weekly basis? Also, I just love football. My dad has raised me to truly appreciate the sport. Not only can I not live with out it, but specifically I can't live with out UofM and the Patriots! GO BLUE! GO PATS! 

7. Starbucks/Coffee
Seriously don't talk to me if I have not had my cup of coffee in the morning. I HAVE to have it. Its actually a pretty bad addiction. Instead of getting help I have decided to embrace it. It's part of who I am! Not only do I love coffee but I can't live with out Starbucks. I talked about my monthly goals and budgeting and what not and that means I had to cut out Starbucks. Luckily for me my wonderful grandma bought me a Starbucks gift card to hold me over for a few weeks till I can budget in Sbucks to my daily life. Yes, my family enables my addiction ;) 

8. My Blue Robe
I can't believe I am admitting this via blog world but does anyone have that one item that they can't get rid of. No matter what happens to it you have to keep it. Well I have this blue fuzzy robe. It might be the best thing that has ever touched my body. It has gotten me through a lot in my life such as Saturday mornings in college, cozy nights staying in, it has seen multiple nights out (okay I didn't actually wear it out but I would if I could, I do get ready in it though), it really has been through it all. Will I ever get rid of it? No. Are you worried if I wash it? Don't worry I do! 
It really doesn't look like this, much prettier I promise ;)

9. Ice Cream
How do people not like ice cream? I don't understand what there is to not like about it. I mean there is like 10000000 different flavors in the world! Isn't it possible to find at least one to like? I like them all. I can't name a flavor of ice cream I don't like. I lied, my Grandpa bought Spumoni once, it was gross. Sorry if any of you like it! 

10. Music
I love music, all kinds of music. My guilty pleasure is rap. I LOVE Lil Wayne and Eminem. I went to the Jay-Z Eminem concert a few years ago! Best time of my life! When Drake made a surprise appearance I cried like a little girl at the Justin Bieber concert

What can't you live with out?!  


  1. So similar and so true to all! ESP BRavo! Love me RHONJ ;)

  2. i NEED to workout every day (at least M-Sat) otherwise i feel like a grade A wreck. I also can't live without my argan oil; my skin needs this to combat dryness and it also erased the fine lines from my eyes so you know this one is a keeper.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. On some of those things I can not agree with you more!This is such an interesting post!
    But I really need to be as focus as you and work out more!! :)

    Only a storm in a coffee cup