Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Perks of Being A Woman

Being a girl is rough. Really rough.

Surely we catch our fair of breaks by getting a free drink here and there (why do guys think that happens ALL the time?) (And if it does, please give me your tips! Im broke over here!). And yes, we get to wear really cute clothes! And our underwear usually come in deals like 4 for $20 or 5 for $25 (guys underwear are expensive!). But all in all we have it rough!

I realized this yesterday as I sat in the office of the wonderful Lady Doc. As I sat there (basically naked) all alone, just waiting for the doc to get all up in my business, surrounded by little baby pic announcements, I had some time lots of time to think about 1)How uncomfortable I was and 2)How much we women have to go through.

I mean, what guy has to go to a Dr. specified to his man parts on a yearly basis to get them checked out? Ummm none of them! But we women, every year have to have someone all up in our business poking and priding around making sure everything is okay.

And what are they making sure its all okay for? Oh just for an 8lb+ Human Being to come out of there. Because that doesn't sound painful at all!? So yes, we go to a Dr, specified for girls only, just to get poked around, just to make sure that everything is going to be okay in who knows how many years for a human to pop on out. 

que cute baby photo!

And I am sure we can all agree that our friendly visitor every month really makes things convenient for us. Because who doesn't like to eat pounds of chocolate and greasy food after working out for a month straight only to satisfy mood cravings due to the excruciating pain happening in the abdominal and back region that literally feels like a murder scene playing out in your insides...

And how about the fact that it is near impossible to wake up 15 min before leaving for work, shower, eat breakfast, and look presentable for the day? (if you can do this let me in on your secrets!) When I try to this and I walk out of the house with my hair all wet I say to myself "Hey, I am sure you totally look fine for work." And then it happens to be picture day, and I get a reminder every time I look at my work ID of how awful I look when I don't put effort into my wardrobe and hair. Meanwhile Mr. Man is sitting next to me ALWAYS waking up 15 min before work starts and looking like a dang GQ model. 

I wish I looked this good with wet hair!

Now I know this sounds like a big complain fest! And I guess it kind of is, but I just wanted to remind us women of the wonderful womanly things that happen in our lives. Now don't get my wrong, I can't wait to push that bundle of joy out of me some day (in many years, I'm a little to young and not married ;) And I am sure when it happens I will be SO happy, but until then I will just experience the rough stuff a woman has to go through with no real reward besides cheap panties and the occasional free drink. 

Cheers to being a lady! 


  1. haha! my husband is all worried about his next yearly physical when he has to get his prostate examined and i'm all: NO SYMPATHY HERE; i have a doc all up in my bidness EVERY YEAR so suck it up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Haha- this is amazing! Jared gets a physical through work yearly and I'm ALWAYS like no-no... mine is WAY worse. Yay for cheap panties & free drinks!!

  3. Carrying said bundle of joy results in many more trips to said doctor for poking and prodding as well as lots of peeing in a cup which is also way easier for Mr. Man.

  4. New follower here! I sponsor Erin too! Hahaha I love this post! I'm always explaining to my boyfriend how much harder women have it!

  5. Ha! So true. Lady appointments are so awkward!