Friday, August 16, 2013

Things That Have Impressed/Depressed me this week

1. Ashton Kutcher: hey there ;) Seriously, your speech at the Teen Choice Awards was AMAZING! If you have not listened to it yet, watch right here. I have never heard better words coming out of hollywood in a LONG time. 

2. Sorority Sisters 
With recruitment right around the corner, and all these blog post I have been seeing lately I am missing you all like CRAZY! It is crazy to think how many of us have moved away, living in different states, working, getting engaged! It feels like yesterday we were sitting in the chapter room studying and taking late night trips for slurpees. If you are going through recruitment this fall I am JEALOUS! 

3. Tom Brady
Wednesday I received awful news, you went down at practice. A slight panic set in as I realized that I had just bought tickets to come watch you play NEXT Thursday. JUST MY LUCK! Reports are saying the injury is not to bad (which is great news seeing as you are my QB for Fantasy Football) Now I am just hoping you can take at least 1 snap next Thursday! 

I may or may not have watched 5 hours of your throw back thursday episodes yesterday of season 1. DANG Danielle was cray cray! Made me realize the first few seasons of RHO are always the best. No one has had ample amounts of plastic surgery, no one has let the fame set in, and everyone still loves each other for the most part. 

5.Frozen Yogurt
Couple things I have to say about you. You trick me into thinking I am making a healthier option, until I load on the gummy bears, heath bar, chocolate, reese peanut butter cups. You are the ULTIMATE TRICKSTER! Also, come back with the red velvet cupcake flavor, I promise to be your most loyal customer.
P.S. Why do people put cereal on their Froyo?

 Happy Weekend All! 

Blog Recap for the Week:
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I am using a youtube video for backthatazzup friday linkup! Watch my sorority video and our rap song below! 

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. You think Brady will play at the game you're going to? I bet they'll rest him, but for your ticket's sake... PUT BRADY IN!! :) :)

  2. You know, I've always sort of written Ashton off as a sort of shallow, goofy, typical hollywood guy, but ever since he's taken the role of Steve & I've watched his interviews about why he took the role & his thoughts on life, and the world, & being a good person - I have to admit I was SO far off. He seems extremely intelligent, humble, and I have to say I'm loving him more and more recently.

    That speech was great, & I'm crossing my fingers that Jobs does well. He seemed to work really hard on it!

    Zauni | The Kind Side

  3. Two things...

    1. I can't even begin to tell you how the Tom Brady madness was up here in this neck of the woods! I'm a sports girl, I get it... but it was totally out of hand! "His career is over" people were saying... relaaax people. Luckily with the news that it's just a sprain and he's fine, everyone seems to have taken a collective deep breath! I sooo hope he plays for you next week... fingers crossed!

    2. I totally get Fruity Pebbles on my Orange froyo... so.freakin.good.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Ahhhhh can't wait to rush! Also I loveee RHONJ so good.