Monday, August 5, 2013

Ride warriors

This weekend was so much fun!

Friday: I was able to have breakfast with my bestie before traveling out of town with my sister and her boyfriend. We were headed to the god awful state to the south of the mitten, you know the one starting and ending with O and greeting you with a hi in the middle? The one also home to the worst football team known to man kind? 

Well my family lives in that state and only 20min from Cedar Point! 

After a 3.5 hour drive and a nice sleep we woke up and headed to Sandusky! Normally when we go to cedar point and leave from MI I have to wake up at 4 am and I'm already exhausted by the time we arrive! Since I was able to get my beauty sleep I was up and able to catch the beautiful view as we drove in! 


Lots of matching shirt families! 

I honestly had so much fun riding all the roller coasters! I felt like a dare devil! I have an awful fear of heights so every time I was on a roller coaster I had minor panic attacks and extremely sweaty hands! But it was so worth it! I was being such a dare devil going on so many rides they even had to lock me and my sister up! 


I also experienced my first ever...


For lunch! And man was I missing out! I am a chicken nug lover and I have never tasted such delicious chicken nugs in my life!! We also were lucky enough to score a special wrist band for the day that got us free drinks anywhere in the park all day long! I stayed so hydrated! And also drank more cherry coke than any human should ever consume! I mean it was free and I wanted to maximize that experience!

After an eventful day and 9 hours spent on roller coasters it was time to call it a night and head back to grandmas.

We were able to finish grandmas wonderful trip with a steak lunch and walk down memory lane playing with these lovely dolls. 


The good ol days of barbies!

Now I know I talked about budgeting as my goal this month so let me tell you that I was able to get free tickets, free drinks, and my gas paid for the trip so I only spent $10 all weekend!!! Wooo! So far so good! 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I CAN"T BELIEVE YOU HAD NEVER HAD CHIK FILA. Pretty much heaven on earth! But you know that now ;) Stopping by from Sami's linkup!

  2. OMG! Chick Fil A is so amazing!!! I can't believe you have never had it. YUM! It is a favorite. I have been to Ohio before, but only to Cleveland. I loved it. It looks like you had a stellar weekend!

  3. Never had Chik Fil A?! OMG girl your life will forever be changed in the world of fast-food. Please tell me you tried their sauces, too. Otherwise, go back again today! ;)

  4. So jealous of your Cedar Point visit! My boyfriend and I really wanted to go but it got to be too expensive because of the location. But I do hope to visit one day! And yes chik fil A is the

  5. love rollercoasters! ive been meaning to visit siz flags but havent had the time. maybe in the fall for octoberfest :)

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!

  7. chick fil a is the bomb right?! i'm not a roller coaster fan but they look so much fun, i WANT to love them! :)