Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ballin on a budget

Okay so I'm not actually "ballin" but this month has been so much fun and I have tons to look forward to for cheap! 

My monthly goal this month was to stop spending spend less!! I gave myself $100 to go towards school supplies and this months expenses(I am in my last few months of college and live with my parents so I really don't have any "bills" to pay for....yet). Well my school supplies were only $15! Wooo! Student teaching does not require me to buy any textbooks, but just lots of colored pens and paper :) Total expenses: $15

I was able to attend Cedar Point....for free! Score! And free beverages all day long! Since grandma and grandpa only live 20 minutes away I had a free place to sleep, and grandma threw in a little spending money for food for the day :) Total expenses: nothing

Now for the best news EVER!!!! Drum roll please....
This man, the love of my life, the best NFL player to date will be in Detroit playing the lions August 22 and guess who is going to the game....ME!!!! I seriously have not been able to sleep since my purchase of tickets last night! Now let me tell you that I will be sitting on the 20 yard line, 17th row....for just $22!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? I almost died last night buying them! 

For those of you who don't know, I am in love with football (check out the really cool friday link up I participated in). Most importantly I love the Patriots! I seriously have never been so excited to see a football game ever! I am bursting with joy! And the fact the tickets were so cheap makes things even better! 

Now let me tell you better news! I have a credit card I use strictly for gas, but I do get cash back every time I use the card. Well its my lucky day because I have enough cash back to pay for my ticket and put towards the brand new Tom Brady T-shirt I bought via Amazon for only $22. So in reality this ticket is free! 


Let me review my expenses thus far:
School supplies: $15
Cedar point: free
Patriots Game: free
Brady T-shirt: $15
Total: $30 

$30 for all of this!?! I could die a happy woman! (but I hope I don't any time soon so I can get to this game!) 

What are your success stories? Or budgeting stories? 

Stay tuned for more post about my excitement to see my all time favorite team and player play!! GO PATS! P.s. Tim Tebow will be there as well, sorry I love him too :) 

P.S. Check out Fitness Blondie Ulta giveaway! Nothing is better than a free giveaway to help with budgeting! 


  1. Wow, girl! 22 dollar NFL tickets?! Share your secrets!!! I live for a good bargain. I knew we'd get along. :)

  2. No 'sorry' here, you know I love me some Tom Brady and Tim Tebow too :) How on Earth did you score such good seats for $22?! That's awesome!! You better blog a recap of the game... I'll be dying to see it!!