Friday, August 2, 2013

Football Friday

I have been looking forward to this link up for days! One of my absolute favorite blogs to read is by Erin at Love, Fun, and Football. She has created a friday link up all about my all time favorite sport...Football! 

I want you all to know how much I LOVE football. I spend all weekends in the fall watching college football on saturdays and NFL on Sundays. I also participate in Fantasy football, so prepare to hear all about it soon! 

Love, Fun & Fotball

Here is the link up! 

Favorite Professional Team
No questions here, the Patriots!! I really never cared to much about NFL football until a few years ago. However, I have always been a die hard UofM fan (read about below) and when Tom Brady headed the Patriots as their QB I had to investigate more. ALthough he was not a huge college star, he will go down in history as one of the best QB ever in the NFL. 

Now I know that my team has struggled this off season by loosing some key players and they have picked up another one of my other favorite players, Tim Tebow (don't hate! There is not thing I love more than a man who sticks up for his beliefs!), but I have complete confidence that Tom will lead our team to victory this year! 

Favorite College Team

Hail to the Victors! Go Blue! This is where my heart lays! Words can't describe the love I have for the boys in blue! I have been born and raised a UofM girl. My poor dad, who has only daughters, has raised us all to not only love football but to specifically love Michigan football. We have had our fair share of dogs named after players, the colors of the team, and anything else related to Michigan football. If you want to know what I do on Saturdays I can guarantee you will find me in front of a TV or at The Big House cheering these boys on! 

Favorite Football Snack
This is a tough one, because I really enjoy all snacks during a football game. However, I love wings! Nothing says football and fall like honey bbq wings done on the grill before a big game! I also have to add any and all dips are great football snacks. Something about a plethora of dips around a table says football  :) 

Favorite Warm-Weather Gear
Football season in MI is never really that warm, so my warm weather gear usually last for the first 2 games and then it switches to my favorite sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts. However, when I get the chance for warm weather gear I love my MI T-shirts with jeans. Like I have said, I watch lots of football on saturdays, so making sure I am comfortable is very important to me. I love my MI T's that keep me comfy and cheer on my team! 

Favorite Cold-Weather Gear
MI football weather is 80% of the time cold. I get a lot of wear out of my cold gear in this state. I have a few things I wear on a regular basis and that is my extremely large and to big on me MI fleece. Its a quarter zip and way to big on me, but I pair it with leggings or a skinny jean and I like to think its looks a little better (probably not but it is super comfy and i'm slightly superstitious). I also enjoy wearing my bedazzled UofM hoodie from Victoria Secret! It is super cute and comfy and looks great with jeans as well! Both of these items still represent my team and keep me comfy! 

Favorite Half-Time Activity
FOOOOD! Although I am sure I have eaten my fair share of calories before the game/kick off. At halftime I need to make sure I restock my plate for food during the second half. Maybe I think that I am the one playing and burning the calories and its okay for me to eat this much, but I definitely need the energy to make sure I can cheer/yell/coach my team to victory the second half. I mean they need me out there! 

Favorite Post-Time Activity
If we loose (rare occasions) Don't even try to talk to me. The amount of emotional investment I have in my team puts me into a slight depression. If we win (almost all the time) I usually celebrate by watching another game or going to bed (after all I have just basically played a 3.5 hour game!

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  1. Ummm, yes... I love everything about this post! I live in New England so I'm a Pats girl by nature. I absolutely love Tim Tebow and have followed him since he was a Gator. I can't wait to see him be given a chance with the Pats... whatever he does with it is up to him, but I just want him to have a chance... something he clearly didn't have in NY!

    Thanks so much for linking up... love love love finding other ladies who love football! And the fact that you cheer for the Patriots? Means you're super awesome in my book!

  2. I actually don't mind the Patriots at all, unless the Bengals are playing him of course :) I like Tom Brady and LOVE to support Tebow for sure.

    You know I'm not allowed to get behind you on the Michigan thing though ;) O-H!!

    Thanks for linking up girl!!!

  3. Girl food is my favorite halftime (anytime) activity too!! :)

  4. I'm such a huge Tim Tebow fan and can't wait to see what the Pats do with him. I'm sure the Pats will be up at the top again!

  5. I have a dad with only daughters and he turned us all into sports loving women! It is really special. I am really impressed that you are part of a fantasy football team!! Ive always wanted to play along.

    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  6. I somehow just stumbled across your blog and I am smitten hahaha.. born and raised Michigan Wolverine baby! I've always been a wolverine fan, but I recently discovered my love for football when I met my fiancé 5 years ago-none the less I'm hooked! Go Blue!!