Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is a role model?

Today I kick off my last semester of college! Student teaching and classes begin! (p.s. its 5:30 am right now, ughhhh). On another note...

Okay call this overdone, or you might not even care, and I'm not going to lie, I feel shameful for even posting this (seeing as I had this really deep and hopefully motivational post for today) But this has to be done. We HAVE to take a journey through Miley Cyrus life to truly understand her odd and disturbing behavior at the VMA's the other night. And to realize that this is our role model for our youth (disgusting)

How did this

Go to this?

Some may credit the fame "going to her head," or that she "never got to experience childhood." But when these people look like this:

It's time to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself...really? Is this really what I want my image to be?

And if it is, I guess keep doing your creepy tongue teddy bear thangg

But note that there are young girls who once looked up to that blonde hair blue eyed Hannah Montana that now are scared for life watching you do this...

Really? This is the role model we have for our youth these days? This is what I get to look forward to someday when I have a child and they want to look up to a celebrity, this is what they get to choose from? 

Honestly, I enjoy jamming out to Mileys catchy tune, but why all of this? Why the creepy teddy bears? The young hair style? The naked looking body? The grinding on old men? The Foam finger? WHY?

The fact that I am making a whole blog post dedicated to this is also super depressing. I guess I am just trying to make sense of this whole hollywood thing. 

Does fame and money really make you go all Amanda Bynes crazy these days? Was Lindsey Lohan not joking when she said it was the fame that made her crazy? 

I know I am making a joke out of this, because in reality it is one big JOKE of a performance, but I am also being dead serious when I say society needs to take a look in the mirror themselves when they post people like that up on billboards, all over the media, promoting this kind of behavior and then we ask ourselves why our youth has no morals? Seriously, what does a young girl learn when watching a performance like that? 

Oh Miley, I know you say you "can't stop, and won't stop." But you must, PLEASE STOP!  

P.S. check out my guest post today at Ambers blog My life in High Heels while I write for the Single Girl Diaries :)


  1. it's probably all for shock value; sort of like how madonna was in the 80s, marilyn manson and lady gaga etc. if you're weird and people are talking about you, you get more publicity therefore you remain in the 'spotlight' more? who knows; maybe she's batshit crazy.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I totally agree, it is so scary that she is the type of role model kids have to look up to, and they get all the media attention (I mean really, a whole page on CNN for God's sake!). It's so sad that Miley (and Amanda Bynes and Lindsey Lohan) turned out this way, but I guess it's not too surprising when you look at their childhood. They never had the chance to be normal, happy, carefree kids; they had a career. Being an adult with a career is probably stressful and hard enough (I don't have a job yet haha but I asssume), but imagine all that stress on a child. It is just so sad.

  3. Seriously- I worry for young celebrities like this. WHAT goes through their head when they choose to look/act/dress like this?! UGH

  4. OMG i saw her performance and was literally like um what. Basically like will's face. Actually i hear miley right now playing from down the hall. awkward. I hate her. Oops.

  5. I actually felt bad for her when I watched her performance the other night. And Robin Thicke, really?! I'd be mad if I was his wife!

  6. Oh how true! Her performance literally curls my stomach of corse because whoa repulsive but more for the fact of how did she get this far gone without someone caring enough to sit her down!