Wednesday, August 28, 2013

That thing still works?

As I am currently sitting on campus before my second class of the evening a phone booth caught my eye. 

Yes a phone booth. It looks exactly like the ones they have in London on the street corners. 

The reason it caught my eye is because I have been going to this school for 5.5 years and always thought it was just a decoration. I never knew it actually had a phone in yet, and magically, the phone still worked!

An older looking man approached the phone booth and I thought, "hmm I wonder why he is observing the glorious campus decoration so up close?"

Then he opened the door. In which I thought, "weird, why is he going inside of that thing? Has he never seen a picture of a phone booth? Are you even suppose to touch campus decorations?"

Then he proceeded to reach in his back pocket (i'm assuming for money) and I thought "There is no way that phone still works in there, its going to be SUUUPPERR embarrassing when he has to walk back out of that thing after realizing it's just for decoration."

He proceeded to put money in the pay phone (i giggled to myself) and to my surprise he started moving his lips (aka talking). Now one of two things happened

1) I was right and the phone didn't actually work but he didn't want to look stupid so he was pretending to have a 15 min conversation with someone when in reality he was talking to himself or 
2) It actually worked.

As much as I wish option 1 was the real answer, I have a feeling it actually worked and it made me think, what other "older" contraptions out there are still doing their own thing despite technology?

Exhibit A)
 Old Fashioned Pen and Paper...still doing its thing for multiple purposes. Whether its for taking notes in class, writing a love letter to a significant other, or simply jotting down a grocery list, pen and paper are still active amongst many lives. 

Exhibit B)
Farmer says see n say....seriously, this thing is still teaching are youth farm animals and their sounds! How many generations has this bad boy taught how to MOOO?

 Exhibit C)
Polaroid Camera: Such a cool invention to see your picture develop right before your eyes! The only problem, you can't delete it if you hate it. Unlike a digital camera you take one snap shot with this sucker and its permanent! 

I really don't know the point of this post, but what things are you surprised are still around!?


  1. i'm really surprised that it's 2013 and they still haven't invented a washing machine that not only washes your laundry but folds it too (LOL.

    whenever i see a pay phone, it makes me laugh!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. LOL- I love your pay phone story :) We saw one in Gatlinburg, TN and I was also shocked it work! I definitely love me some pen/paper-- much more fun to write with fun pens than to type/add it in a phone!

  3. Cute post idea! I'm still a paper pencil girl.