Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Little Get to Know Me

Amber from My Life in High Heels tagged me in this little questionnaire! Check out her blog, its one of my top reads! 

- What is your secret obsession?
Reality TV. I guess its not really secret, but I LOVE it. I know its trash, its not actually real, and it makes no sense but I get hooked :)

- What is the best gift you ever received?
I have absolutely no clue! I can tell you the worst? It was my ex boyfriend. I had picked out this super cute purse when I was with my mom and she bought it right then and there and was going to give it to me for christmas. Christmas rolls around and I go to my boyfriends and open my gift...which was the purse. No big deal until he tried to play it off as if he had picked it out himself! Nice try! He also bought me a $3 pair of headphones (forgot to take the price tag off). Now I not all about expensive gifts, but put some thought in it! 

- If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?
This is such a hard one! Depends on what I wanted to talk about. If I want to talk about life, I would pick Jesus (he knows everything). If I wanted to talk about fashion I would pick Rachel Zoe. If I wanted to talk sports Tom Brady. If I wanted to talk reality TV, Tamra Barney. If  Iwant a good laugh Khloe Kardashian. So many more I could mention! Oh and if I just wanted to stare at someone extremely good looking across the table (not that I wouldn't get that with Tom) I would choose Ryan Gosling ;)

- What is something that people are always surprised to find out about you?
That I love football the way I do. I know I am a girl, and I am actually pretty girly. But I LOVE football. I know A TON about it. I even know more than a lot of my guy friends....hey, guys like girls who like sports...right?

- Who is your celebrity crush?
Who isn't my celebrity crush should be the question here but I would have to go with Ryan Gosling. 

- What is your biggest struggle in blogging?
Finding my voice. I think I have gotten it under control now but when I first started I didn't know exactly how I wanted to write or come across. I wanted something that would bring out my personality and I think I have nailed it now! Also, when I get super busy keeping up with blog posts! I have just started writing them ahead of time and it helps a ton! 

- If you could live in another time period, when would it be?
I would live in the late 1800's. The little house on the prarie time. I just would love to see what it was like back then! It would be so crazy to wear such big dresses in hot weather, perform "womanly duties" and just live off of what you make and what you farm. The focus was on God and Family back then. A lot of good morals come from that time period!

- Which Disney princess would you trade lives with for a day?
Jasmine! Who wouldn't want to fly around on a carpet!?

- What movie gets played out on your DVD player?
The notebook. All the time. 

- High heels or flats?
High heels! I am only 5'1" so even in heels I am really short. I wear heels and wedges frequently! 

Thanks for reading and getting to know more about me :)


  1. i love blogs that are open, real and honest; it's also why i love those "random thursdays" (or whatever day) posts and "confessions" posts because it's when the blogger just lets it all out with no filter.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. You're adorable and have done a great job finding your voice! I looooove football too

  3. I LOVE Little House on the Prairie! I would also love to live during that time, everything seems like it was so much simpler back then and people were kind and honest!

  4. I always wanted to live in the 1800s with Laura Ingalls too!! Or the 1960s lol