Friday, May 3, 2013


So I found this fun link up through a friend and thought I would join :) It is a cool way to get to know more about me since I have only been blogging about a month!

This link up is a challenge to blog every day in May (sorry I am starting three days late, which is probably a sign of how well this will go lol). Today's blog post is about things that make you uncomfortable.

Hugging. I know it is weird, but I seriously do not like hugging. The reason is because I don't know how to do it properly haha! I am serious, is there a proper way to hug someone? What do you do with your hands? or your head? and most of the time the people are taller than me and it just completely throws me off! Also, if I do not know you, why are you trying to touch me? Vice versa, why am I trying to touch you? I know its suppose to be a friendly gesture but can't a handshake suffice? When I was dating an ex, before our first date, I had a friend practice hugging with me, no joke. I was more nervous about him trying to hug me then about anything else that could possibly happen on a first date. Maybe I can blame the failure of the relationship on the fact that I can not hug right? Or maybe it just was not suppose to be :) So if we ever run into one another and I am completely awkward if you try to hug me, you now know why. 

Dear Friday Link up :)

Dear Friday, I am actually sad you are here because that means summer classes start in a couple days! Ahhh! Dear 4.0! Man I never thought I would see you! I felt pretty smart receiving an official letter from GVSU about how smart I was this past semester :) Dear Bachelorette Party, It is about to be a good time had by all! I am so excited to celebrate one of the last few weekends of a great friend being single! Dear GPS, I seriously do not trust you anymore. I was trying to go pick up my bridesmaids dress and you brought me to a middle of a cornfield, obviously not the correct location. Not only did you bring to a cornfield but you also brought me twenty minutes out of my way. grrr. 

Have a great weekend! 


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