Friday, May 17, 2013

Letters and Photos

Todays Challenge is to post a favorite photo of yourself and why. 

I took this photo my first day of my first semester of student teaching. 
1) I am having a flawless hair day, which makes teaching so much better! 
2) I think my make up looks great as well!
3) The face, ehh not my favorite, but the post was title (First day of student teacher, don't mess with me!) I was told that when you teach, you have to start off mean and you can slowly get nice. Well, I learned thats not true at all. So this photo is a reminder that its okay to smile, in fact, most people will respect you more and actually listen to what you have to say when you do! 

FRIDAY LETTERS (Link up Number 2)

Dear Greys Anatomy and Scandal, WHOA!!! I was blown away last night to the shocking secrets coming out and the crazy love affairs! I can't wait till next fall! Dear Rookie Blue, Does anyone else watch you besides me? Good thing you start next Thursday because my Thursday nights just opened up! Dear Cottage, I have official plans to come up north next weekend! I can not wait to kick back and relax! Also, grandpa bought a new pontoon boat, so I will have to take that out for a little spin around the lake! Dear Dunk Tank, How I ended up in you for the school carnival today I am unsure, I hope the kids are nice to me! 

Happy Friday all!  



  1. Random faces are seriously my favorite pictures. Yes, I am one to do the duck face all the time. But It's awesome! I hope you have an amazing weekend ♥

  2. Haha good luck in the dunk tank! ;)

  3. have fun getting dunked today! :)