Friday, May 24, 2013

Top Three

I failed the challenge :( Yesterday was so crazy that I did not have time to even log in to my computer! 

The challenge today is to list your top three worst traits:

1) My obsession with planning. I really have an issue here! I have stated this before but I love to know exactly how my day will go and sometimes, if it get thrown off I get a little anxious. I have done much better since in teaching the plan never goes as follows, but it is still something I need to work on. 

2) I am extremely competitive. I really hate losing! For example, we went to a mini golf/go karting place with my students yesterday for a field trip! It was so fun, but I refused to loose in go karts so I passed most of my 11 and 12 year old students and even made one girl spin out. Oooops :) Sorry guys, you can't win them all! (I really need to work on that!) 

3) I crack jokes when things get serious. It just makes me really uncomfortable and I like to lighten the mood. The problem is the mood sometimes needs to stay serious and I upset people when I do this. I often get, "I am being serious right now" or "can't you just be serious." Sorry! I just get so uncomfortable! 

Friday Letters:

Dear Little, I had so much fun sleeping over at your apartment this week! Nothing better then a nice long talk and sleepover with your best friend :) Dear Big, I had such an awesome time at lunch with you yesterday! I love that we both try to eat healthy but ordered the worst two sandwiches on the menu..oops! We should not use each other as dieting support! Dear Students, I cried yesterday. It was awful! I know I already said goodbye to you when I left student teaching, but yesterday I had to say good bye to most of you who will not be back for summer school because the after school program ended :( I can't believe I have been with you for almost 10 months and now you are off to the Junior High next year all grown up :( So sad! P.s. Thank you for the wonderful artwork you gave me this week, check out the double head dragon below :) Love my job!  Dear Silver Lining Play Book, you were an awesome movie! I love that I am currently learning about all types of disabilities in class and this movie came along perfectly with what I am studying. Great story! Dear Nicholas Sparks, I want to read every single book you have ever written! I just finished At First Sight and no matter the story line you always end things with a shocker and bring me to tears! 



  1. Competition is a wonderful motivator! Haha that's a funny story about the go karts...they probably all thought you were cooler for it

  2. Can't wait til I rush a sorority next semester (aka I know I'm such a baby) I'm transferring so I'm so excited to have a big, and eventually (hopefully) a little! Also I am SUCH a planner too, people don't like it but I sure do! :) Happy MDW!

  3. Girl, I failed weeks ago. (: Great job keeping up with the challenge!!