Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some Advice

Day 8 in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge is to give a piece of advice. This one is a little difficult for me because I don't find myself as the most profound advice giver in the world. But, I thought I would share with you advice I have to give to myself on a daily basis and that is:

To enjoy life now. Stop planning the future and remembering the past, but enjoy the moment you are in today. 

Easier said than done! I am an planner! If I could find a daily organizer and plan out the rest of my life I totally would. I am always eager to move on to the next stage of my life, forgetting that I am in this certain stage for a reason. Right now, I have a semester left of college. After being in college for five years already I am ready to move on! I keep trying to figure out where I want to live, where I want to teach, will I move, will I be a substitute teacher, what is going to happen?!? I forget that I will never be an undergraduate student again, living at my parents house, and student teaching. I need to enjoy this moment, and these next few months and let God take care of the rest. 

Similar situation on the love front. With summer quickly approaching and all of these weddings to attend the thought crosses my mind, will I ever find "the one." The truth is that when I do, I will have the rest of my life to be with that person. So why not enjoy being single, focusing on school, and in seven months where I want to live with out having to take into consideration a serious relationship. Everything happens in Gods timing, so why am I trying to rush the clock?

See, my advice is that you are not the author of your life. God is. I sometimes try to take things into my own hands and move quickly to the next stage of life when God says, "hold up! you are suppose to be a five year single college student for a reason!" It's reassuring to know that God is the author and as much as I want to plan my life out, I have the ultimate planner on my side taking me through each step of life with a purpose :) 

Wednesday Link up!

I can't believe...that I can't breath! Allergy season is in full swing and I have suffering miserably! 

I can't believe that summer classes have started! Luckily it is only six weeks long but I am not lying when I say I am going to have to work extra hard because it is getting pretty difficult to concentrate with all of this nice weather! 

I can't believe I have another wedding shower this weekend!! I am so excited for another friend of mine to be tying the knot soon! I was not lying when I said I have lots of wedding activities to be a part of this summer, and I am enjoying every single minute of them! 


  1. I am a planner too! Haha I tried to plan when in my life I wanted to meet the "one" and instead he snuck up on me when I least expected it! Don't worry three years ago ( before I met him) I never would have thought I would be planning my wedding!

  2. you are not the author of your life...God is. LOVE that. Beautiful post lady!