Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Makes Me Happy

Todays Challenge, 10 things that make you happy! 

Quick announcement: I registered for my first half marathon!!! I am so excited and nervous!! Check out my fitness and health page for more info and my journey! Time to kick it into gear! 

1. Running: I find running the best way to clear my head and alter my mood. Sometimes a good run can relax me so much! 
2. Coffee: How does one live with out it? My first purchase for my classroom will be a Keurig. I have to keep my energy level up all day with the kids! 
3. My cottage: There is nothing better then heading up north for a weekend in the summer to relax and be on the water!  

4. Game Nights: I love game nights with my family. Although we are all super competitive and the games often get heated, its always fun to spend some quality time together!
5. My Relationship with Christ: Nothing makes me happier then knowing how that I am forgiven and loved unconditionally. 
6. Christmas time: All of christmas makes me happy! The trees, the lights, the cookies, the music, everyone is always in a good mood and cheery! Christmas is the best (plus my birthday is christmas eve ;) )  

7. Sunsets: They are one of the things that show GODs hand in creating the nature of this earth. Sunsets are amazing! 

8. TV: Some people may think this one is awful, but I really do love sitting down and watching a good TV series. 
9. Teaching: I love my job and most days in makes me really happy to do what I do. Being with kids all day and becoming such a big role in their lives is amazing! 
10. Shopping: Nothing better then finding the best deals around. I don't like shopping when I buy stuff at full price, but I do love shopping when I get good deals :) 

What makes you happy? 


  1. Our lists are amazingly similar! My roomy and I decided this year that we're legit celebrating Christmas in July. Hot chocolate, movies, presents, the works. CAN'T WAIT!

  2. I love sunsets, and amazingly enough, Indiana has some gorgeous ones. :) Nice to *meet* you!!

  3. Sunsets are deff something that make me happy, too! It makes me feel so relaxed and just really peaceful!!! :)

  4. I love board games! When I was in university my group of friends played so many boardgames! We used to go to all the local thrift stores and buy games second hand so we always had new games to play!